Welcome to Le Bistro Cafe, Puerto Vallarta!

Sorry, Le Bistro is closed now for safety reasons. We hope to be open again starting on Friday, May 1st, thank you and be safe!

OPEN 6 days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday (Closed Mondays), Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from 8:00am to 11pm.

To Place an Order and for Reservations, Please Call: 322-222-8073

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In addition to our regular menu plates, we now offer nightly dinner plate specials, different every night, and with very appealing special prices! Served from 5pm to 11pm.

Tuesday Night - Mexican Cuisine Night!

CARNE ASADA - Fresh home-made corn tortillas, with BBQ´d skirt steak, whole green onion, chorizo, queso fundido (Melted cheese), guacamole, frijoles (refried beans) with a spicy red tomato sauce and a spicy green tomato sauce $220.

STEAK FAJITAS - Flour tortillas, with sizzling grilled skirt steak, onions, bell peppers, guacamole, sour cream and frijoles (refried beans) Chicken Fajitas $200, Beef Fajitas $220, Shrimp Fajitas or Mixed $240.

Wednesday Night - Fresh Pasta Night!

PRIMAVERA CHICKEN CAPELLINI - Sauteed chicken breast medallions, over angel hair green spinach pasta, with julienned carrots, zucchini and mushrooms, in your choice of a white wine sauce, or a pomodoro red sauce, $240.

BEEF STROGANOFF FETTUCCINE - Filet mignon medallions and mushrooms, in a mustard sour cream tarragon sauce over fettuccine pasta, $260.

FRESH TUNA STEAK CAPELLINI - Black olive pesto-crusted Tuna steaks over angel hair green spinach pasta, with olive oil, anchovies, garlic, parsley, basil, and a splash of white wine $280.

Thursday Night, BBQ Baby Back Ribs Night!

BBQ´d PORK BABY BACK RIBS - In a tangy sweet BBQ sauce, with choice of baked potato or garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable, Half Slab $220, Full Slab $300.

Friday Night, Big Steak Night!

BIG BEEF STEAKS - Choice of 12 oz Filet mignon, 16 oz Ribeye steak, 16 oz New York steak, or 16 oz Porterhouse steak, with choice of baked potato or garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable, $380.

Saturday Night, Prime Rib Night!

PRIME RIB - Roasted prime rib, crusted with large grain salt, black pepper, mustard and horse radish, with choice of baked potato or garlic mashed potatoes, and vegetable, 8oz cut $260, 16oz cut $380.

Sunday Night, Gourmet Pizza Night!

CASUAL SUNDAY CLASSIC PIZZAS - medium crust, personal size or large, with mozzarella cheese and traditional garlic tomato pizza sauce.
10" Four-cheese pizza $160, with veggies $180, 16" Four-cheese pizza $240, with veggies $260.
10" Pepperoni pizza $160, 16" Pepperoni pizza $240.
10" Italiano/combination pizza $180, 16" Italiano/combination pizza $280.
10" Hawaiano pizza $180, with garlic shrimp $220, 16" Hawaiano pizza $280, with garlic shrimp $320.
Extra cheese, additional $20.


We are very pleased to announce Le Bistro has launched In-House Fresh Pasta production, made daily in our kitchen! There is something special about pasta made fresh, and when combined with sauces and seafood, Muy Rico! Try some of our new pasta dishes like Garlic Scampi over Angel Hair Pasta, Seafood Pasta Del Mar, Linguine and Clams, Lobster Thermidor Fettuccine, and even the classic favorite Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, with a Mozzarella cheese melt!
Along with our expanded menu, we have lowered our menu pricing to offer many more lower-priced dinner options, so that everyone can enjoy Le Bistro more often!


Le Bistro is now open for breakfast 6 days a week, from 8am to 11pm. We offer breakfast service with a traditional menu of breakfast favorites, at some of the lowest breakfast pricing in Vallarta! Like the classic two eggs, hash browns, toast and fruit starting at 60 Pesos (Including IVA), scrambles, omelets and pancake dishes as low as 80 Pesos, with full service and our tropical Rio Cuale riverfront ambience, the perfect way to start the day!


Everyday is Happy Hour day at Le Bistro! From 3pm to 5pm, Tuesday thru Sunday, all drinks are 2 for the price of 1, bring a friend!

OPEN 6 days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday (Closed Mondays), serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8:00am to 11pm.
Come check out how nice Le Bistro is looking these days, stop by just for drinks and appetizers,
you will love the atmosphere!

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