Welcome to Le Bistro Cafe, Puerto Vallarta!

OPEN 6 days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday (Closed Mondays), Serving Lunch and Dinner from 11:30am to 11pm.

To Place an Order and for Reservations, Please Call: 322-222-8073

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Happy Hour at Le Bistro! This summer every day is Happy Hour Day at Le Bistro!
From 2pm to 6pm, Le Bistro has $1 ice cold Beers (20 Pesos) and $3
tasty Margaritas (60 Pesos). Come take a break in the shade by
Rio Cuale, enjoy a nice cold drink and try our Gourmet Pizzas!

October Lunch Special, discover our new Gourmet Chinese food dishes, where we use Filet Mignon as the higher standard in all beef dishes! It makes our Brocoli Beef Filet Mignon, Kung Pao, Orange, Sweet and Sour, General PV, Terriaki, Pepper Steak and Mongolian Beef a welcome treat! Such a nice familiar taste of home in PV!
And with shrimp, lamb and chicken options, Gourmet Chinese dishes at Le Bistro
are awaiting your discovery and enjoyment!
During the month of October, from 2-6pm, all of our Gourmet Asian Dishes are 20% off, so you can try 1 or 2 different dishes each visit, with our wonderful
Chow Mein or Fried Rice sides, bring a friend!

OPEN 6 days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday (Closed Mondays), serving lunch and dinner from 11:30am to 11pm.
Come check out how nice Le Bistro is looking these days, stop by just for drinks and appetizers, you will love
the atmosphere! With our new Gourmet Pizza dishes, it is easy to bring the whole family!

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